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Hello friends at iClever company,  Has your company given any thought to, or are you currently working on a WIFI home security camera or security camera system?  These days, everyone is looking for products that not only make their lives easier, (Which you do with so many products), but also safer.  The smart home products I have from your company that work over WIFI always work perfectly, are easy to set up, and don't break within a week.  I would love to see you add a WIFI security camera that could be powered via a USB cable to a wall charger, that way it could be placed anywhere in your home and allow you to monitor from a phone or laptop. Would be perfect for monitoring a baby, keeping an eye on the pets while away, or see who is coming and going from your home. Make it waterproof and that opens a whole other range of uses.  I ask this question because I have purchased these types of cams in the past and they are either junk or they need to be hard wired which is an added expense to the consumer. Your company makes products that are solidly built, easy to set up and just plain work. It seems like a perfect product to add to your line.  On the chance you do come out with one, please allow me to beta test one and review, I have no doubt it would be a success.  Thanks in advance if you answer my question.

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