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keyboard not working

Keyboard Model IC-GK03 not working. more

By artesiax3 May 16, 2022

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Command M on iMac not minimizing anything

Using a 27" iMac (Version 12.1 Monterey), the Command +M pair doesn't minimize a window. I'd like it more

By kristy May 10, 2022

Other Q&A 2 40 May 11, 2022

Iclever mouse scroll button not working

I had ordered an iClever mouse from amazon on 17.12.2021 but the scroll button is not working.O more

By atharva.sarage May 04, 2022

General 4 66 May 16, 2022

BK-10 with Mac - CMD & ALT keys not working properly

All of a sudden the command key is not functioning properly on some keyboard short cuts on my Mac.&n more

By davendorys30 May 03, 2022

Product Discussion 2 28 May 04, 2022

Model iClever TM209G not working

Hi,I have an TM209G mouse but doesn´t work. I clean it, check the battery, change the USB conetor t more

By martha_pichardo May 02, 2022

General 1 22 May 04, 2022

Model iClever IC-DK03 - Flashing green light?

I just purchased the iClever IC-DK03 Keyboard Mouse combo. I have not found a way to turn off the 2. more

By bleggvalleycsb Apr 14, 2022

Keyboard Q&A 1 115 Apr 15, 2022

BK-06 keyboard not working

my BK-06 wireless keyboard has stopped working, it doesn't charge as red light only stays on a minut more

By john Apr 09, 2022

Keyboard Q&A 1 70 Apr 11, 2022

Missing USB of the mouse

Hi, I am having DK04 Bluetooth +2.4 G keyboard.But I accidentally lost my USB of the mouse.May I kno more

By tynia.lin Apr 07, 2022

Keyboard Q&A 1 51 Apr 08, 2022

BK10 keyboard won't reconnect when it goes to sleep & is just dead when I press any key

BK10 Keyboard connects to Bluetooth on laptop fine but when it hasn't been used for a while and goes more

By awatsonrs Apr 06, 2022

Keyboard Q&A 1 72 Apr 07, 2022

Where can I buy replacement keys for a BK05?

My BK05's H key got damaged from from a droplet of acetone its fine works great but I'd like to repl more

By kungfubeaner Apr 04, 2022

Keyboard Q&A 1 43 Apr 06, 2022
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