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GK08 Keyboard adds extra letters/numbers when typing

My GK08 Keyboard when I type will add additional letters and numbers when typing for example instead more

By annmarierosebud Sep 26, 2023

Keyboard Q&A 1 4 Sep 27, 2023

GK08 mouse not working

I bought a GK08 Keyboard and Mouse combo in Jun last year. The setup has been working fine until tod more

By priyam1060 Sep 26, 2023

Keyboard Q&A 1 4 Sep 27, 2023

DK03 Some keys are no longer working properly

My DK03 keyboard which has been working perfectly for years is not behaving. Keys are not respo more

By jroupon Sep 26, 2023

Keyboard Q&A 1 4 Sep 27, 2023

Key board symbols

I have an IC-BK10 keyboard and I cannot work out how to type the hashtag symbol or the euro symbol.A more

By eamonn.mclarnon Sep 21, 2023

Keyboard Q&A 1 30 Sep 22, 2023

Keyboard shortcut not working for select all and undo

I am using windows 10. Ctrl+A and Ctrl+Z is not working. Please help. more

By dadananeko Sep 21, 2023

Keyboard Q&A 1 21 Sep 21, 2023

Arrow keys dont move between cells in excel

Hi, is there any way to use the arow keys to move between cells in excel, currently if i press right more

By lynnjosborne Sep 06, 2023

Keyboard Q&A 2 52 Sep 07, 2023

Number Lock

Hi, I've just purchased your clever keyboard (IC-BK10). Overall, it looks like tea good keyboar more

By jasonburnspractice Sep 05, 2023

Keyboard Q&A 1 43 Sep 06, 2023

Does GK03 use signal encryption

I am interested in the GK03 keyboard and mouse combo, but I will be using it in some crowded co-work more

By cheryl_mcleod Sep 02, 2023

Keyboard Q&A 1 35 Sep 04, 2023

TM254G vertical mouse

Is there any driver available for the TM254G vertical mouse? I can't find any mention of this mouse more

By timbck2 Aug 21, 2023

Accessories Q&A others 1 62 Aug 22, 2023

Headphones BTH13 and BTH18 won‘t connect to bluetooth adapters

I just bought two headphones (BTH13 and BTH18) for our daughter. To connect our Toniebox we need a j more

By lesen-07.farn Aug 20, 2023

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