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IC-GK03 Numbers generating extra characters

On my IC-GK03 keyboard:  The numbers above the letter keys are not working right.Number 1 does more

By gbuck Aug 08, 2022

Keyboard Q&A 1 3 Aug 09, 2022

iClever BK08 Issues - Please assist!

Hi iClever Team, I recently received my BK08 foldable keyboard with trackpad and though the physical more

By artem Aug 03, 2022

Keyboard Q&A 1 21 Aug 05, 2022

Keyboard typing without me!

My keyboard is acting like I am pressing al the possible buttons continuously without allowing me to more

By gemmabradley Aug 01, 2022

Keyboard Q&A 1 12 Aug 02, 2022

B & N keys not working

Hey everyone - My BK-10 keyboard has worked great for months, but suddenly my B and N keys aren't wo more

By klt10415 Jul 28, 2022

Product Discussion 1 26 Jul 29, 2022

Where is the Option key on GK08?

I tried pressing fn-Q to switch to mac mode, but the alt key still doesn't behave like the Option ke more

By robin Jul 23, 2022

General 1 28 Jul 24, 2022

My i-clever keyboard is not discoverable anymore

I have a i-clever IC-BK10 keyboard. Couple days ago it just stopped working. I thought it might be o more

By asp31793 Jul 22, 2022

Keyboard Q&A 1 31 Jul 24, 2022

My iclever wireless keyboard isn't working

My model: IC-GK20 wireless keyboard just stopped working. I received it from Amazon June 16th, so my more

By cordav03 Jul 19, 2022

Keyboard Q&A 1 59 Jul 20, 2022

My BK10 paired when installed but now won't connect

I lost my BK10 bluetooth keyboard so bought another. It paired and connected initially, but now it w more

By jmartinez Jul 18, 2022

Keyboard Q&A 1 39 Jul 19, 2022

Replacement silicone cover for wireless keyboard IC-DK03

I love the IC-DK03 keyboard.  But my cat tore the silicone cover.  How can I buy new silic more

By rgriggs Jul 10, 2022

Keyboard Q&A 1 56 Jul 11, 2022

Returns to the FN key, cant type:/

I have a new MacBook Air. The keyboard has been working fine for about a week and just randomly star more

By pault Jul 08, 2022

Keyboard Q&A 1 47 Jul 10, 2022
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