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IC-BK10 keyboard all three bluetooth lights won't stop flashing

I have the IC-BK10 keyboard. I have only paired it with one device, on channel one. Recently, all th more

By jennifernealy Jun 16, 2021

Keyboard Q&A 1 14 Jun 17, 2021

Iclever GKA22S keyborad not working

The keyboard of Iclever GKA22S is not working properly.  Some keys type other characters, while more

By emora_pr May 27, 2021

Keyboard Q&A 1 130 May 28, 2021

can I leave charger attached?

can I leave charger attached? more

By carartone May 24, 2021

Keyboard Q&A 3 67 May 26, 2021

letter f shows fj and others

when I press some keys like:f shwos fjg shows ghh shows ghr shows rut shows typlease how can I resol more

By choroch May 20, 2021

Product Discussion 1 61 May 20, 2021

Problem with Keyboard of Iclever combo

The keyboard of Iclever Combo is not working it types other characters, the keyboard always has a gr more

By escuderoserrano Apr 02, 2021

Keyboard Q&A 1 337 Apr 06, 2021

new product feature backlight for bk08

I have the BK08 folding keyboard with touchpad, it is fantastic, only sometimes I am typing in a dar more

By djmallinson Mar 22, 2021

Product Discussion 1 134 Mar 23, 2021

B, M, V and n key are not mnerged together

Hi there, my keybvoard is stickimng certaimn letters together - case imn poimnt, writimng this messa more

By joanna.reyes Mar 22, 2021

Keyboard Q&A 1 111 Mar 23, 2021

IC-GK03 number pad not working - windows

Hi!   Love the new key board!!    I have paired my GK03 with my windows based PC more

By shelleyk Mar 19, 2021

Keyboard Q&A 1 115 Mar 23, 2021

IC-BK05 Ctrl Shift Escape Doesn't Work

I tried to send a ctrl shift escape to launch Task Manager and it seems to not work. Am I missing an more

By patrickpmm Mar 15, 2021

Product Discussion 1 109 Mar 16, 2021

Euro sign on IC-DK03

Hope you can help me out. How can I find the Euro sign in Windows mode and in Mac mode?Thank you! more

By Dirk Burger Mar 14, 2021

Keyboard Q&A 2 126 Apr 10, 2021
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