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Update on 10050mAh Power Bank

Hi everyone.I have been using the iClever 10050mAh Power Bank everyday for a almost exactly 1 year n more

By stvanaernem Apr 18, 2019

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JD31 power bank won't charge

I have a JD-31 that is not working as expected. When I try to charge the power bank with the USB-C p more

By rmcnulty Apr 17, 2019

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Wireless Numeric Keypad need shift lock to work

Hello all,can you help-me to be able to write numbers with the numeric keypad I have to push shift l more

By michael.hautcoeur Apr 10, 2019

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Instructions for mini-keyboard IC-RF-01

I bought this model of mini-keyboard several years ago and no longer have the instructions for it. C more

By leslieho99 Mar 28, 2019

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GK03 Auto typing afer cleaning

I cleaned my keyboard and after this, the keys are self-typing and they are not typing the correct c more

By mrpeter2ncsu Mar 09, 2019

Keyboard Q&A 1 42 Mar 11, 2019

iClever BoostCube 60W 12A 6 Port USB Wall Charger

CANT SAY LOVE MORE! We LOVE the iClever BoostCube 60W 12A 6 Port USB Wall Charger ...we al more

By Luna Toka Mar 07, 2019

Review 1 35 Mar 11, 2019

BK05 Alt activating fn, it seems

Hi,I'm the owner of 2 beautiful BK05, I have to say that it would be the perfect keyboard if it was more

By Ins4neMan Feb 23, 2019

Keyboard Q&A 1 49 Feb 25, 2019

Macrons on the keyboard

Hi! I am a very happy user of the keyboard. I live in Aotearoa New Zealand and write in Māori more

By susanpearcewriter Feb 08, 2019

Keyboard Q&A 1 60 Feb 15, 2019

Manual for FM Transmitter IC-F55

I would like to download the Manual for FM Transmitter IC-F55. I can't figure out how to make it wor more

By pjdemmitt Jan 03, 2019

Product Discussion 2 109 Jan 17, 2019

IC-GK03 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

I just received the IC-GK03  Wireless keyboard and mouse in the mail. AMAZING PRODUCT!!!! First more

By hschult1 Nov 29, 2018

Review 2 168 Apr 19, 2019
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