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iClever 1300A Peak Jump Starter 12V Car Battery Booster

Hi, my car battery died and I tried jump start it with the iclever but it only had one light indicat more

By dannyleysner May 22, 2020

Car Jumper Q&A 0 15

How do you connect a IC-BK10

It has 3 Bluetooth buttons on the top right, but all they do is go blue and out.. This keyboard beca more

By psunate77 May 15, 2020

Keyboard Q&A 1 36 May 19, 2020

Ic-bk06 connect to I-pad 7th generation, Button letter ‘m’ does not work

At the moment the button of letter ‘m’ does not work. What is the type of keyboard I have t more

By ivan.vanbroekhoven Apr 23, 2020

Keyboard Q&A 1 65 Apr 24, 2020

IC-GK08 2.4 GHz USB replacement

How do I find a replacement for missing USB reciever? more

By rellimmit Apr 10, 2020

Keyboard Q&A 1 66 Apr 13, 2020

IC-BK06 / How to change command button layouts for mac os

Hi,I am using the keyboard to pair with my MacBook. But everytime I want to hit command, I hit the b more

By sdachouse Apr 04, 2020

Keyboard Q&A 1 68 Apr 09, 2020

Change function mode of BK13

I bought BK13 today. Thank you very much for very nice product!.I tried to default mode of function more

By JironBach Mar 24, 2020

Keyboard Q&A 1 66 Mar 25, 2020

Cannot turn off light

I have the iClever IC-SB21R  Solar Charger.  Also has LED light. I cannot get the light to more

By zteamtwo Mar 23, 2020

Charger Q&A 1 64 Apr 22, 2020

IC-BK-10 numeric pad

Hello,The numeric pad doesn't work. I have tried pressing the Numlk may times and still doesn't work more

By taniarrl Mar 12, 2020

Keyboard Q&A 4 84 Mar 17, 2020

How to pair IC-GK06 to window?

i lost my mouse receiver and manual. I remember I need to use three key to make the device show up o more

By celia4sto Mar 08, 2020

Keyboard Q&A 1 82 Mar 10, 2020

Bk-10 numeric pad

my IC-BK-10 numeric pad numbers don't respond when trying to type only numbers, but the other charac more

By Taniard Mar 07, 2020

Keyboard Q&A 1 81 Mar 10, 2020
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