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Bluetooth LED blinking every 3 sec on the ic-dk 03

Dear Support-Team,after pairing the blue LED should stop blinking: from the manual "Step 4: The stat more

By knegg Jul 20, 2020

Keyboard Q&A 2 35 Jul 21, 2020

Multi Device Mouse

I just purchased a multi device keyboard and I love it, but now I need a multi device mouse.  W more

By sandy444 Jul 20, 2020

Product Discussion 1 29 Jul 21, 2020

How to reset IC-BK10

The letter "c" in the keyboard seems to be stuck and it keeps repeating that letter randomly. it als more

By martin.ayon Jul 14, 2020

Keyboard Q&A 1 44 Jul 15, 2020

Keyboard Holder

Folding Keyboard: What is the holder for? more

By stevenh8 Jul 07, 2020

Other Q&A 1 34 Jul 14, 2020

Please stop gendering kids headphones based on color

Hello iclever!We recently purchased your kids wireless bluetooth headphones and love them! But my da more

By chelsea27 Jul 05, 2020

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Requesting a foldable USB C rechargeable wireless Bluetooth 5+ keyboard

Please develop/sell a quality black on black, grey/white font, folding USB C rechargeable wireless B more

By k5weeks Jun 10, 2020

Product Discussion 1 62 Jun 12, 2020

iClever 1300A Peak Jump Starter 12V Car Battery Booster

Hi, my car battery died and I tried jump start it with the iclever but it only had one light indicat more

By dannyleysner May 22, 2020

Car Jumper Q&A 0 68

How do you connect a IC-BK10

It has 3 Bluetooth buttons on the top right, but all they do is go blue and out.. This keyboard beca more

By psunate77 May 15, 2020

Keyboard Q&A 1 184 May 19, 2020

Ic-bk06 connect to I-pad 7th generation, Button letter ‘m’ does not work

At the moment the button of letter ‘m’ does not work. What is the type of keyboard I have t more

By ivan.vanbroekhoven Apr 23, 2020

Keyboard Q&A 1 124 Apr 24, 2020

IC-GK08 2.4 GHz USB replacement

How do I find a replacement for missing USB reciever? more

By rellimmit Apr 10, 2020

Keyboard Q&A 1 116 Apr 13, 2020
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