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Change keyboard mapping Win-Mac OS Dual System 2.4G Slim Keyboard

Is it possible to change the Windows F-Keys mapping so I don't have to press the Fn key to execute a more

By billyf1 Aug 26, 2021

Keyboard Q&A 1 82 Aug 26, 2021

IC-BK10 -- Top Number Row Not Working Except 5 and 6

Today my BK10 just decided that the top number row -- with the exception of 5 and 6 -- would stop wo more

By iravirus Aug 25, 2021

Keyboard Q&A 3 42 Aug 27, 2021

Smart answers without blaming COVID!


By tjhony Aug 23, 2021

General 1 37 Aug 25, 2021

Iclever keyboard typing alone multiple forward slash (/////////)

My keyboard types ///////////////////////// (this symbol) by it self. I am not using that key.How ca more

By adrianawittkop Aug 20, 2021

Keyboard Q&A 4 75 Sep 01, 2021

Having trouble with the Home key working

Is anyone else having an issue with their Home key? I've been working in AE and the commands that in more

By don.terrell Aug 18, 2021

Keyboard Q&A 1 33 Aug 18, 2021

delete button gives me backslash

everytime i hit the delete button on the IC-gk03, it deletes the character but puts a backslash in i more

By Wallacerica Aug 16, 2021

Product Discussion 1 41 Aug 18, 2021

Keyboard not conectong

IC-BK10Does not connect to BT devices when its turn on all 3 lights tun blue for 5 seconds when 1BT more

By fer.babri Aug 09, 2021

Keyboard Q&A 1 116 Aug 10, 2021

Blue Tooth Speaker (BTS09) will not take a charge

My BTS09 will not take a charge.  When I plug the cable in the red light comes on for about 2 s more

By heelinva Jul 30, 2021

Audio Q&A 0 78

Not really Mac Compatible

I recently purchased an iClever GK03 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo.This product was ad more

By RabbiLandis Jul 26, 2021

Keyboard Q&A 1 98 Jul 27, 2021

iclever foldable keyboard keeps muting computer

For some reason my iclever foldable keyboard (model: IC-BK05) keeps muting my computer.  I'm no more

By lkwatel Jul 14, 2021

Product Discussion 4 113 Jul 17, 2021
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