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I'm the owner of 2 beautiful BK05, I have to say that it would be the perfect keyboard if it was not for a weird bug, that I have ONLY on my second acquisition.

Let me explain I try to be quick :

First  -> I use both on Ubuntu 18.04

I got my first keyboard on amazon, didn't check from where it was coming, it had a bump behind, nothing bad and it's actually working great -> PERFECT

after sometime very happy with it, due to the fact that I have at least 2 desktops with both in dual boot (main reason that got me your keyboard because of the ultra portability and the wire bluetooth switch).

The second arrives, looks perfect like the first ok.

After somedays, since I'm using a multidesktop environment, I had problems with switching to the desktop below, the shortcut is Ctrl + Alt + Down. After that I started investigating, the conclusion is :

- the problem is exclusively found on my second keyboard, the first one doesn't meet any of the following behaviors

- this problem is only happening with LEFT Alt key, when I'm using the other one, the behavior is correct (matching any keyboard)

- weird thing that maybe the main clue here, when I do Left Alt + Down -> it switch the backlit color of the keyboard

- that forces to think that -> the Left Alt key is actually activating the `fn` key at the same time -> that would explain why the shortcuts with alt are broken, given that when using the Right Alt, the shortcuts work ok, the problem is really localised on the left Alt.

- The `fn` key alone seems to work ok, I can switch modes (wired / bluetooth) and show battery -> with Right Alt

So really it looks like the Left Alt is activating the `fn` key and even if using the Right Alt is a correct WORKAROUND, it's still a just a workaround.

So 1 question : Is it a bug ? if yes how does it get fixed / replaced ?

Suggestion : If it's not a bug, and that my second keyboard has the latest firmware version, working in UX Design for electronics, I have to tell you you should go back ! If the last version of the firmware corresponds to my first keyboard from yours (which works perfectly) well good work updating it, I would just be sad to have gotten an old version (didn't say it, but the second one was bought from Thousandshores Inc storefront on Amazon US)

I would be happy to have an update on all that.

Thank you so much and continue to make great product (even with that, it's still a great a product)

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