BK05 lights off, key not working / right hinge problem?

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I purchased an iClever BK05 on Amazon France.

I have barely used it until recently, as it is a qwerty keyboard, something I did not notice at first. So I had stored it in my computer bag for a while :)

Recently I started using it a bit more to connect to my TV in the living room.

It worked well for a few weeks.

Now I have a problem: there are two hinges, left and right.

ALL of the keys that are on the right of the right hinge (right of letter P), including Enter Key, Right Shift, Backpace, ?/ ,",[,].=) are no longer backlit.

Initially color green and red stopped working, but blue worked for another couple of hours, then the blue color stopped also.

At the same time the Left Arrow key stopped responding. The other arrow keys are still working.

So this keyboard is advertised with Key lifespan: 3 million clicks and it stopped after a few weeks of light real world usage?

I notice that I lift the right part a bit, like for closing, the keys on the right are backlit at an angle of 45 degrees and up and the arrow key starts working again.

Is there something that can be done to restore normal operation?

Thanks in advance.

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