Confused about models of 30W USB-C wall charger

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jrosinia 216

I purchased a couple of these chargers through Amazon on 8/13. After receiving them, I went back to the listing and noticed something I missed before: a notice that "there is a newer model of this item." Click that and you get a listing for a 30W USB-C wall charger that looks slightly different than the one I purchased. Naturally, if the newer model is improved, I'd return the ones I purchased and get the new ones.

However, I'm confused. The iClever product page for the charger <> has a link to "Buy at Amazon." Click it and it takes you to the page for the "older" model.

Anybody know what the story is? Is the "newer model" new and improved? If so, why does iClever link to the "older mode"l?

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