How to Control Your Home Appliances by Just Your Voice Command ?


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Seeing bunch of cords (and extension cords) in your house is starting to die. Have you heard of Smart Plug? This smart home technology will let you control your home appliances, from your lamp shades to your coffee makers, just by the power of your smartphone. Even yelping to Google from your Google Home Assistant or Alexa from your Amazon Echo, smart plugs are ready to make your life easier again.


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With iClever WiFi Smart Plug Wireless Remote Control, it will never be more simple to control your home appliances by just your voice command. This smart plug is compatible with your Amazon Echo or Google Home Assistant. This will help you access your other home appliances functions via voice commands.

As easy as 1, 2, 3, simply plug in any of your home appliances to this amazing smart plug, connect it to your WiFi Network, and download the iClever SmartHome app and voila! Easy peasy, right?!

Always out of the house and worried if you left any appliances plugged in and running? The iClever SmartHome App will save your day. Once you have this app installed on your smartphone, you can manage and control all the appliances plugged into the plug. Just add a few and you can control other items such as wireless speakers, slow cookers, air conditioners, household fans, and more.

And if you’re also thinking about the hazardous effects of this smart plug, we got your back. For these are equipped with surge protection and timing settings that will eliminate these hazards like power surge and overheating. Aside from that, this smart plug will help you save energy from your connected home appliances so your electric bill will not be shockingly bad.

So, do you think it’s time for your to step up your home into a Smart Home environment? Start it with iClever WiFi Smart Plug.

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