IC-DK03 keyboard assistant keeps coming up after every restart

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nabhonil 61

I have bought a new IC-DK03 keyboard. I have connected it with my MAC using bluetooth. When i have connected it for first time, the keyboard assistant came up and i have pressed the keys as instructed and then i can see that my Keyboard shows as connected in the My Devices of the Bluetooth settings. 

However when i restart my Mac laptop the same things need to be done again. I have connected my mac laptop with 2 monitors and this keyboard and another keyboard to an hub till this keyboard is fully configured. Once my mac laptop is restarted i cannot enter the password with this keyboard because looks like the bluetooth connectivity is broken. However when i use the second keyboard to login, i can see the IC Keyboard assistant window is open and it is asking to enter the keys to detect the keyboard. This is happening at every restart. Please provide a solution otherwise i will have to return this keyboard back as i have bought it today from amazon only.

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