Please stop gendering kids headphones based on color


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Hello iclever!

We recently purchased your kids wireless bluetooth headphones and love them! But my daughter and I were disappointed to see that your website lists Kids Headphones as having two categories: Girls and Boys. Predictably, the “Boys” headphones are blue & red and the “Girls” headphones are moslty pink, purple, and teal. My daughter bought the blue headphones since blue is her favorite color. And we know boys that would love the pink and teal ones. 

Why can’t all of the colors available just be listed as “Kids Headphones”? It’s not as if girls' and boys’ ears are anatomically different! We noticed none of your other products are gendered. The keyboards aren’t categorized into “mens” and “womens”, for example. 

Any kid might enjoy any of the colors of headphones you produce. And, not all kids fall neatly into the binary categories of “boy” and “girl” anyway. There are kids that are gender questioning, trans, and non-binary. 

For a company that specializes in modern high tech equipment, don’t you think it’s time for you to modernize your view of gender identity and expression, too?

Thank you,
Chelsea Crawford 
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