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Do you remember when smart phones used to be a futuristic luxury? It seems like the term is rarely used any more. Our brilliant pocket-friendly devices are commonly just called “phones” nowadays. Well, right now, we are clearly transitioning into a similar state of mind regarding our everyday living spaces. Smart, interconnected homes are the new standard of living — and they’re improving their owners’ lives in dramatic ways.

Intelligent features such as automated lighting and remote locking systems are saving homeowners money on electricity bills and providing peace of mind while away from their abodes. What’s more, those unsavvy with tech and electronics can now operate any appliance with a simple voice command. The modern resident has truly become a magician!

There are hundreds of smart home accessories out there, but it’s important to choose the right ones. Big brands selling these accessories (Apple, cough cough) can restrict the connectivity to their other devices, forcing you to buy their products and limiting your options. It’s for this reason that we’ve worked tirelessly to engineer one of the most affordable smart power strips on the market that is also compatible with all modern devices.

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The Outdoor iClever Smart Home Power Strip is one of the first in a series of smart home accessories that we are releasing. These will be optimized for compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which enable access to simple voice commands that can be used to activate your connected appliances’ functions.

Need to leave your house for a while but don’t want people to know you’re gone? This gadget is also easily accessible via your smartphone, no matter where you are. Through the complimentary app, you can control automatic timer settings or turn the lights on/off while out and about.  

Owners of the Outdoor Smart Home Power Strip see a dramatic decrease in their electrical bills almost immediately!

Lastly, all of this intelligence is securely protected both inside and out. The smart plug is equipped with surge protection and unique features that recognize potential hazards like power surges and overheating. The Power Strip is also completely water-resistant, so you can use it outside in rain, snow or sunshine.

Are you a smart home advocate? Are there any smart home features you simply can’t live without? What would you plug into one of the two outlets on our Smart Home Power Strip? Are you planning on picking one up for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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