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stvanaernem 91

Hi everyone.

I have been using the iClever 10050mAh Power Bank everyday for a almost exactly 1 year now.  The unit works exactly as it did on the first day of use...perfectly.  It has not lost any ability whatsoever to hold it's maximum charge and the unit itself looks brand new. I have dropped this thing so many times and there is not a single scuff mark or any breakage. The lil guy is built solid and can take a beating. The ability to charge 2 phones or devices has come in handy too many times to count.  Just the other night, my girlfriend and I both charged our phones while at the movies. By the time the movie was over we both had a full charge and there was one light still on. Pretty sweet. This is soooo worth the money people.I also want to thank the folks at iClever for making products that don't fail a year after you get them, which is rare these days.

Hope this helps anyone who's on the fence about making this purchase.....worth it.


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