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artem 21
Hi iClever Team,

I recently received my BK08 foldable keyboard with trackpad and though the physical build and basic keys seem to work correctly, I'm having considerable problems with initial power-on and multi-device connectivity as follows:

1. Though not every single time, the BK08 will often not turn on/active upon fold open. When this issue arises, I'm forced to collapse it back down and re-open it once more to get the Bluetooth activity lights to activate. This seems to be an issue with the hinge or power-on mechanism, and it happens often enough to cause concern.
2. Multi-device pairing and use simply will not work. Any device can be paired to BT1, BT2, or BT3 channel but quick switching between channels is not possible. Once a device has been paired to a channel, it will remain active on that channel, but if another device is paired to another channel, the first device and channel pairing is broken. At that point, re-pairing must begin again. In the end, this means that hot-swapping between devices/channels isn't possible, as tapping one of the other channel buttons causes the activity light to blink once, but no switch happens. 

As I want to keep the device and continue to use the product, can you advise if any troubleshooting is possible? Do you fear it's a hardware/QC defect with my individual unit?
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