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I just purchased and received a Model IC-JQ22R Portable Car Jump Starter and have a question about the Boost button.  The Boost button on the side of the Intelligent Jumper Cable assembly is recessed back into the plug housing and does not protrude out to where you could actually press the Boost button if needed to start a very weak battery.  Is the Boost       button only supposed to "pop out" of the assembly so you can press it when you encounter a low battery that results in a green light blinking with buzzing condition?  I have looked on the iclever forums and the Amazon Q&A sections, but don't see where this problem or question has ever come up.  I connected my new charger to a couple of my car batteries, but     they are fully charged so all I get is a steady green light.  I then connected the jumper to a known low/dead battery.  I did not get a flashing green light and vibration as described in     the user manual when connecting to a low/dead battery, although the smart cable plug assembly did pulse a few times, but the Boost button never "popped out" to where you could   press it for boost.

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