SOLVED: BK10 connection issue on a brand new Win11 Desktop

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TL;DR: Installing the wireless antennas on the Intel Wireless AC-3168 resolved both Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi speed issues.

Okay, I feel silly. I detailed a connection issue with the BK10 multi-device keyboard here:

I solved it by disabling the Intel Bluetooth driver and using a $20 ASUS USB dongle. I was also having slow Wi-Fi speeds on the same desktop.

My new Windows 11 desktop had come in a box. I unpacked the box and put it under my desk.

The wireless card installed in the computer is this one: Intel Wireless AC-3168 Dual Band.

It supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

This thread on Reddit helped me: They mention the antennas!

I remembered that there was a packet of hardware that had arrived with the desktop, and inside that packet were these two rods that I did not know what they were!

THOSE TWO RODS WERE ANTENNAES! I took them out and screwed them into the back of the case, and my Wi-Fi speed issues were solved.

Then I removed the ASUS dongle and tried my Bluetooth connection again, and it worked flawlessly. I am typing this post with the BK10 keyboard.

I am leaving this post in the hope that someone else can benefit from my silly mistake. [嘻嘻]

Have a great weekend,

Kayvan Sylvan

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